Application for Financial Backing of:

High Altitude Latteral Kinetic Inter-spacial Conveyance


"Project: H.A.L.K.I.C."

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Personal Statement

I am the most considerate open minded thoughtful person that has ever or will ever live.
I am devoutly religious, believing in all of the mono and poly atheistic doctrines as well as all the ones that believe in the human spirit being the true god and not to mention all the other faiths that believe in rocks metals or different combinations or formations of either. And vegetation. I also believe that fungi are also deeply spiritual as are all forms of single celled life forms. And I would feel deeply perturbed if I were not also to mention the countless forms of replicating DNA or RNA based peptide chains. Indeed anything that consists of strings of polypeptides involving 4 or 5 peptides that can replicate or be replicated. I believe that cleanliness is godliness and as a result pray to be clean every day. As actually using detergent, antiseptic, fungicide, herbicide, antibacterial agents or receiving inoculations is a blatantly murderous concept. I am carnivo-vegan-ultimo, which means I am so strongly against killing any organisms that I will not eat meat, meat derivatives, fungi, plant matter or indeed any form of sustenance that has involved the needless outright slaughter of any organism without it's written consent after a psychiatric analysis to ascertain that they are capable of making any decision that would end their lives. However my beliefs forbid me from eating even those that do because they are clearly in need of vast amounts of special care and love and compassion to get them over whatever it is in their lives that has driven them to the stage that they would knowingly end their lives just to help another organism, especially me, prolong my own life. I strongly believe that order, definition, respect and justice should be taught and maintained just so long as this in no way inhibits anybodies actions or thoughts in any way or at any time. I believe that children should be encouraged to see the difference between right and wrong and understand which of these is acceptable to, for and in a modern society taking into account the fact that under no circumstances should these teachings influence their actions outside of what they were going to be anyway. I would consider this to be oppressive behaviour and comparable to mass slaughter on a religious, racial, phyloric , socio-political or socio-economic grouping basis and therefore an act of sadistic repression, unless sadistic repression is the life-plan you have decided is best suited to your, anybodies or anything’s Qi.

I am and will also be responsible for creating all known and future inoculations, vaccines and treatments for all existing and yet to be brought into existence ailments, be they psychological, physiological or imaginary. I consider imaginary diseases to be just as, if not more important as they require a conscious effort to persistently fake symptoms of illness and in some instances psychological tenacity to create and propagate these maladies and so these require huge amounts of love, understanding and patience or indeed exclusion to help to suggest a possible solution or better way of freeing the individual in question to pursue their role and reinforce their self confidence in maintaining actual or delusional location in the real or imagined path that they perceive as supportive to their life-energies orientation.

I am the discoverer and creator of every single principal be it mechanical, theoretical and pan-dimensional for every branch of physics be they mathematically resolvable or proto-quantitive. Which is to say I was created with all knowledge and the ability to demonstrably resolve the origins of all the universal matter, anti-matter, dark-matter, pseudo-matter, energies, sub-accessible charge-differential forces and entropies allowing the measurement and categorization or quantifiable dimensional relativization in this or any constituent-combination-dependant universe there is ever will been. Depending on when it has going to being, yet.

Sadly, as I am dedicated to my earlier pursuit of non-interference with any organisms’ existence, I cannot impart any of these revelations in any way to anything as this would irrevocably change everything that everything is doing. Ever. And I am so benignly omnipotent I cannot do this.