Application for Financial Backing of:

High Altitude Latteral Kinetic Inter-spacial Conveyance


"Project: H.A.L.K.I.C."

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I have been doing research in to Super Perambulatory Propulsion (SPP) and have found it, as far as my research has been able to ascertain a viable replacement or, even in the least successful test, complentary, methodology to conventional forms of personal transport. It would serve as the enebler to a more fluid, cohesive defined system of relocation, with the maximum number of consumers being almost limitless forming the groundbreaking universily accessable comodity of Mass Mass-Transport (MM-T)

Although in it's early stages it must be made very clear, four decades of extencive experimentation and research into the viability of this paradigm have been demonstably conclusive as to the validity of this stratergy as a concept-to-realization production model with identifiable and attainable production goals.

Obviously, all the greatest ideas institutionalized in accepted parlance and ideology throughout history have been successful as rezult of three major factors;

     1) Identifying a need, or void, in the active consumer arena.
     2) Creating research methodoloies for servicing that need.
     3) Providing a viable consumer-enabled solution to the maximum number of participants.
Upon actioning, these stages are subdivided into more application-specific focused sub-processes. These will be discussed later in the proposal.
To successful practitioners, this transferable skillset represents a new era in independant, readily available, social and corperate mobility. It breaks-down many of the identifiable restraints facing todays general populous. It's success factorial is extremely high as at its core are values that cast aside factors such as race, gender, socio-political placement, intelligence quotient and sexuality.

I feel that to not take advantage of this skill would be an enormous unjustifiable oversight on the any orgaizations part, particularly in keeping with todays envorironmental and fiscal climate. It presents a tangable value added aspect to existing profiles for both sector specific and universal applications.

Any organization that backed a policy of ensuring that this skill was rolled out to the general consumer base would be seen as groundbreaking trailblazers and pivotal in the constant striving to achieve a cohesive, accesable transport policy.

This ability is not available to all potential consumers however, if a Potential Consumer Unit (Henseforth refered to as PCU) cannot fulfil the requirements to realize the potential of this transfereable skillset their is an extrordinarily high probability that they will be able to facilitate other peoples knowledge-aquisition programms thereby becomming integral in a supporting role.

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