Stardate -310216.43
Having studied the culture of the populated alien planet, the early sensor indications that the science officer has painstakingly taken have clearly revealed some curious customs and rituals frequently practiced by the native sentient life-forms.
It seems on the local cosmological solar sojourn occurring, directly following this one, the inhabitants who commonly speak in a dialect uncannily similar to our own But maybe WE WILL, one day, understand, these complex social interactions, and through further study, by our children, and future generations' harmonious interactions, build demonstrably better understandings of each others unique customs, and live peacefully together to courageously forge strong alliances that enable us to freely explore this shared universe.

I am mourning the death of the creator of the Daleks.
And I will be from now until I say I am not.
BTW Googling "halkicdotcom" is a semi-googlewhack.
If you don't know what a GoogleWhack is I pity you.

"Doctor! Doctor! Am I insane?! Half of me thinks I'm a tipi, half of me thinks I'm a wigwam!"

"No, no. You're just too tense."

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